UPDATE! Class Attendance Policy & Zoom Update

Hi everybody! Two updates :) 1. Class Attendance Policy Starting October 12th, 2020 - If a class has zero participants signed up within an hour prior to start time, that particular class is eligible for cancellation for that morning or evening. Minimum one person classes are allowed and will not be cancelled one hour prior. Zero attendees does not mean immediate cancellation, just the possibility. If a class is cancelled due to zero participants within an hour of the start time, it will not be resumed (again, for that particular class - this doesn't mean the class is being cancelled altogether whatsoever). :) Thank you for understanding! 2. Zoom Update / Waiting Room At the end of September, Zoom had an update which forces the host (me) to have one of two options - create a password for the class meetings, or let participants in to a "waiting room" and each person has to be let in to the meeting by the host. The easiest solution for my specific setup is to enable the waiting room and let participants in one by one. PLEASE be sure to log in to the meeting no more than 5 minutes after the class is due to start, so I can be fair to all participants and 1, start on time - and 2, to prevent interruptions to the class once we begin. Thank you for understanding! Please be sure to communicate with me directly if you need to cancel class or will be attending late. Thank you all for understanding! I have lots more coming up soon, stay tuned! :)

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