HAPPY NEW YEAR! And happy new things!

Hi there, everybody! Good morning and Happy New Year! I hope you had a fabulous New Year's Eve and here's to an amazing year ahead of us! A few things are changing! :) But here are two of those changes and a few updates: CHANGES: - Tuesdays 6pm -> That time slot is now being used for Pop Pilates instead of Strong30! In an effort to balance out a few things about my schedule, I will be utilizing that slot to mirror Tuesday & Thursday's classes. All other livestream classes will remain the same! - Stretch & Reset Sessions -> I will now be doing this twice per month! These sessions will always be 100% free to attend and will be the last and third-to-last Sunday of every month. UPDATES: - AFSP2021 -> My AFSP Zumbathon for Suicide Awareness is officially cancelled as an in-person event for this year. :( BUT! We'll be doing this year's charity event in a virtual setting instead! Not only once... but THREE TIMES! Stay tuned for more information! And that's all for now ;) I also want to say, thank you all SO MUCH for all of your support over the year and years! 2020 was craaaaazy but 2021 is going to be bright and shiny and full of good vibes. Thank you for being you! I look forward to dancing and sweating with all of you!