Hi everyone out there! I'm still alive. ;) I'm finally updating the website again, as well as the Facebook pages, groups, etc... And I miss so many of you! Here are a few quick updates since my last Blog Post:

IN PERSON AQUA ZUMBA CLASSES! Yes, I'm teaching at the pool again! Wednesdays at 7pm, select nights, live with other human beings and everything!! Only $5 to drop-in (cash only, drop-ins only), and we have plenty of space to go around! I now have a tab/page available on the website for more information. (Or you can click here) POP PILATES IS ON HIATUS

Due to an overwhelming work schedule and trying to feel a little more "under control" with my fitness classes, Pop Pilates has been put on an indefinite hold. I do plan on bringing it back with time, but I don't have a guesstimated date as to when I can add it, or anything else, to the schedule again. Zumba and Strong30 are still going strong (no pun intended lol) and it would be amazing to see you there! STRETCH SESSIONS ARE STILL ON I'm still offering completely free sessions on select Sunday evenings; 30 minutes of stretching to close out your week on a relaxing note. At the moment these sessions are limited to once or twice per month. IN PERSON ZUMBA WILL NOT BE HAPPENING ANYTIME SOON

Unfortunately this one is inevitable; the elementary school gym is used as a daycare prior to class, and whenever the daycare opens back up I simply do not have the time to come early enough to clean the facility thoroughly enough for us to fill the room (or to the unknown indoor capacity limit) and safely provide a fitness class with OR without masks on. Let's dance from the safety of our own homes for a little while longer! (Aqua Zumba classes are spaced out enough to continue with all safety measures, however) I hope everyone is doing well and is staying safe and healthy out there! I hope to see your face soon, either on camera or in person. :) Take care!